Solid Fuel Heater R & D

Using our research and development lab you can get in depth information to help you develop your appliance.

Our research equipment analyses the flue gases and provides instantanous measurement of temperatures and particulates. This allows us to pinpoint which parts of the burn cycle are contributing to emissions and determine how and when useful heat is being lost from the appliance. Knowing this helps determine how to change the appliance to improve efficiency.

Much of the information is available in real time during the test in both numerical and graphical formats. Post run data processing can add an additional depth of insight into your heater’s performance.

Consistent conditions on our test rig and an attention to fuel quality help minimise run to run varaition and assist with teasing out the effect of changes on the heater’s performance.

Our staff can help you interpret the information so you can make the best use of your time here.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs.