Updated Januaray 19, 2014

Applied Research Services Ltd

We are a team of industrial science and engineering specialists based in Nelson. We provide monitoring, testing, product development and consultancy services for customers throughout New Zealand (and beyond). We have almost twenty years of experience of solving problems and providing customers with solutions.

Our laboratory operates a quality management system to ISO/IEC 17025.

In addition, we are accredited by International Accreditation New Zealand (IANZ) for specific tests.

The links below give more information on the general services that we can provide. If you are looking for something different then please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

We have been in business for nearly twenty years. If you have a problem to do with testing, then we can probably help.

Solid Fuel Heaters

We are IANZ accredited to test solid fuel appliances fueled with wood, coal and wood pellets for performance and safety.
In particular we can test power output and efficiency to AS/NZS 4012, particulate emissions to AS/NZS 4013. We can also perform safety tests on heaters to AS/NZS 2918, and on flue systems to AS/NZS 2918.
In addition to the testing we can often advise on solving technical problems.

Consumer Product Testing

We hold IANZ accreditation for a range of physical tests on consumer products.
Over the years we have tested a huge range of consumer appliances as diverse as juice extractors, mountain bikes and water blasters. A list of other examples can be found here.

Testing can be based on specific standards, or alternatively we can discuss developing a test method which is appropriate for your product.

Other Services

Contact us for more information.