Appliance and Consumer Product Testing

We hold IANZ accreditation for a range of physical tests on consumer products.
Over the years we have tested a huge range of consumer appliances as diverse as juice extractors, mountain bikes and water blasters. A list of other examples can be found here.

Testing can be based on specific standards, or alternatively we can discuss developing a test method which is appropriate for your product.

 Manufacturers, importers and consumer organisations use our services to:

  • Demonstrate compliance with standards
  • Provide performance data for use in marketing
  • Compare products
  • Assist with development of new models
  • Evaluate appliances for safety, performance and ease of use

We hold IANZ Accreditation for a range of physical tests on consumer products.

We have provided test data for appliances as diverse as juice extractors, mountain bikes and water blasters. For more examples click here


Information on Particular Types of Appliance

Heating and Cooling Appliances

We can evaluate a range of factors which will tell you how well your appliance will perform and how comfortable people will feel in the room where they are using it. There’s more information here. 

Solid Fuel Heaters

We are IANZ accredited to test solid fuel appliances fuelled with wood, coal and wood pellets for performance and safety.
In particular we can test power output and efficiency to AS/NZS 4012, particulate emissions to AS/NZS 4013. We can also perform safety tests on heaters to AS/NZS 2918, and on flue systems to AS/NZS 2918.

Our test rig collects a range of data beyond what is required by the test standards, and this is helpful in the development of new heaters.   Our staff can help you interpret this information. There’s more information on our solid fuels heater pages.

Heat Pumps

We have a test rig to measure the COP and EER of heat pumps under H1 and H2 conditions as specified in AS/NZS 3823.1.1. This is done within a Climate Controlled Room in which we can carefully control temperature and humidity.

Heat Pump Water Heaters

We can collect test data for Hot Water Heat Pumps as described in AS/NZS 5125.1. 

Solar Hot Water Heaters

There’s more information on our solar hot water heaters page.



Compact Fluorescent Lamps Under Test


Impact Testing of Safety Glasses