Updated November 6, 2010

Appliance and Consumer Product Testing

Manufacturers, importers and consumer organisations use our services to:

  • Demonstrate compliance with standards
  • Provide performance data for use in marketing
  • Compare products
  • Assist with development of new models
  • Evaluate appliances for safety, performance and ease of use

We have provided test data for appliances as diverse as juice extractors, mountain bikes and water blasters. For more examples click here

Contact our consumer product testing specialist Dr. Robert Kay

E-mail: robk@appliedresearch.co.nz

or contact us to discuss your testing needs.


We hold IANZ Accreditation for a range of physical tests on consumer products.

Particular Types of Appliances

You can find more information about testing of particular types of appliances by clicking on the links below...

Heater Testing

Gas Fired Appliances


Solar Hot Water Heaters

Solid Fuel Heaters

Compact Fluorescent Lamps Under Test


Impact Testing of Safety Glasses